David Chuguna is a Ngurrara elder, artist and senior Ranger, based in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia. He trains young rangers on country, teaching them traditional stories and cultural practices to maintain their land.

David is a leader of the Walmajarri dance group, and has undertaken many performances of traditional dance at festivals and events. He is a Lawman, responsible for carrying on the stories he learnt from his mother and father.

David was present at the painting of the famous Ngurrara Canvas, sitting beside his parents as they painted their country and fought for their native title. At the Native Title determination event he represented the rangers and danced with the Walmajarri dance group.

At the exhibition of his father’s artworks in a major exhibition at UWA Berndt Museum in Perth in 2009, addressed the audience on his father’s behalf. In 2012 he danced at Jimmy Pike’s exhibition at the same venue.

David is proud to represent his mother, Walmajarri artist and storyteller, Mona Chuguna.


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