Pat was born in the UK and went to boarding school, where she dreamed of sunshine and wide horizons. After three years teaching in East Africa, she returned to read Psychology at Liverpool University.

In 1972, Pat fulfilled her ambition to migrate to Western Australia. She worked as a psychologist at Broome Regional Prison in the Kimberley, where she met Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike. When Pike was released on parole in 1986, Pat joined him at his desert camp under a tree, and the pair went hunting and collaborated on several books about desert life. Pat has now written14 books, fiction and non-fiction, for adults and children. She is a keen environmentalist and co-founder of the NGO Environs Kimberley. Pat lives in Broome with other people’s dogs and runs a group calling itself ‘The Grammarians’, which meets fortnightly to discuss the finer points of the English language.


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