The Australia & New Zealand Festival of Literature and the Arts at Kings College London, 28–31 May, will include the unique opportunity to attend creative workshops with some of the writing industry’s best. Both aspiring writers and established practitioners looking for fresh perspectives will find inspiration at the five two to two-and-half hour sessions.

Capturing Yong Hearts: Writing for the Middle Grades

Saturday 30 May

Jesse Blackadder is an Australian author of three adult novels and three novels for 8–12 year olds. Jesse teaches writing historical fiction and writing junior fiction.

In this workshop participants will explore how to create engaging, memorable characters; how to structure stories for junior readers; practical exercises to jump-start creativity; and advice on getting published.

World-Making for the Writing in Fiction

Saturday 30 May

Leading New Zealand writer, Elizabeth Knox is a master in the creation of fictional worlds. Her oeuvre includes fiction for both adults and teenagers and she the author of the acclaimed The Vinter’s Luck and more recently Wake as well as the vivid YA fantasy novels the Dreamhunter Duet and Mortal Fire.

This workshop aims to offer writers strategies for the creation of whole, real-seeming worlds in long fiction, through the collaborative construction of a single fictional situation – a premise, plot, setting, and a cast of characters.

Fiction Writing: Seeds to a good story

Saturday 30 May

Tony Birch is the author of five novels and has been widely publishing both in Australia and internationally. His latest book, Ghost River, will be released in October 2015.

In Seeds to a Good Story, participants will experiment with a range of skills and exercises to enhance their fiction writing, both long and short. It will include ‘sketching’ and observational work, character development, emotion, conflict and more.

Telling Other people’s stories: Writing Across Cultures

Sunday May 31

Pat Lowe has written fourteen books, several in collaboration with her partner, Jimmy Pike; his niece, Jukuna, and other Aboriginal people who experienced first contact with Europeans in the 1960s.

In this writing workshop Pat Lowe will share her experience of gathering stories and rewriting them and will invite participants to discuss the ethical dilemmas and practical difficulties of interpreting someone else’s world for an English-reading audience.

Drawing Stories: Writing Worlds

Sunday May 31

Dylan Horrocks, is author of the acclaimed graphic novel Hicksville, the comic book series Pickle and Atlas and the 2014 graphic novel Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen. His works have been widely translated and published and have been nominated for multiple awards.

Whether you’re an experienced cartoonist or simply curious, this workshop will encourage you to forge new paths, strengthen your voice and explore the infinite potential of comics.



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